When it was good
Timmy Waldron

This was before everything went to shit, but right at the end of the really good part. The whole town smelled like campfire and it rained ash into your wine as we sat and talked over drinks in the courtyard of that Mexican place that sold tumblers full of tequila for more than the cost of the pants I wore. This is when you smiled at me and absentmindedly swirled your finger around the rim of your glass. Then I vaguely remember saying something that I only half believed and you looked at me like I was a total asshole. We'd know each other for sometime so I was surprised you'd just stumbled onto the idea. To be perfectly honest, I thought you already knew. I watched as the spark in your eye was blown out by the breath of my voice and I though, what a shame, I really liked you. But this was before that, when it was good.