Two People Like Each Other and Are In Love
Kristina Born

What gets them off is love and they like it and get off regularly. Like both of them together which is rare. How they maneuver the getting off on the love is like this: she brews tea on the stove. She says baby I know what you like this tea will make you so hot. He says baby you know what I like I cannot wait to get hot with the tea. The tea goes off and she straddles him with the pot and puts the hot spout in his mouth and tilts his head back and pours it in this certain special way where it actually travels up his throat and sort of boils and licks at the underbelly of his brain and steams out through the vents in his eyes. And they laugh because they both just got off and blood is a good safe word. And over here a deep-space gas giant gets off because what else is it going to do, at home in this heat.