Three Poems
Mike Young

I Am Happy Just to Say Something

See? Little goals!
Your throat is not
crozzled. Or bi-
sected. Good golly.
Good God! Such a
shame! Do you think
swans have cool sex?

Not Quite Empty Field

Two intermissions play tetherball
in the rain, one in orange.

A pinecone flits through
a haircut, the other one.

The field is like a hoof
fell to sleep on CONTINUE FIELD

In the locked car waits a straw hat.
You are several languages from home.

Sunday Morning Prayer to the God of Emo Wood Nymphs

I went to a party in the woods.
I dropped my phone. Who cares?
I didn't want to look for it.
I had friends who were like come on!
I was like phones are so 1743.
I don't know. I was so dehydrated!
I think I stepped on a butterfly nest.
I don't know how butterflies "organize."
I had this one friend who tugged my coat.
I guess she found the phone under a fish.
I guess she had to wrestle the fish.
I bet that the fish was coordinating.
I believe coordination is a big scam.
I think the fascists are probably tall.
I always wonder about the anarchy symbol.
I don't know if the A's little arms curl.
I mean at the end. So whatever. Maybe
I am stupid, but u have a square heart.