An Anthropology of Orc
AE Reiff

Orc writing reflects Orc speaking, itself a surprise, being of bird origin, ostrich or egret, articulating from the epiglottis to the beak. Stops occur in the back and front of mouth due to its odd shaped tubular jaw with side tunnels digesting flesh. The Orc voice is subdued with these pockets full, but empty they echo, which roaring enables its seduction of prey. The shoulder sockets now fleshed over show where wings once attached. The Orc is above the ape but beneath the dolphin in this. Bick first mentions that

Orc begetting its likeness,
On its own divided image,

but Bick did not have the benefit of modern research. Further confusing, the inveterate Tollcork, took it to Hollywood. Even Tolk himself used the words og and ob before designating Orc. It all depends on whether we believe it a foreign presence in that ancient passage.
Tollcork's misinformation included spinal adjustments of those remedial wing sockets. The Hollywood Orc thought and said a lot of things foolishly believed, but we should not think the Orc false even if its intellectual and emotional capacities degenerated to physical characteristics, a kind of LaTourette's syndrome in verse. The jagged fangs, yellow mouths, red tongues and eyes just show the Orc's debased habits. Tollcork tried to prove it had been tortured into Orcness by savage alien interrogation, as though Orcs were from space. They were cannibals true, if understood metaphysically. The Tork school had them in foul pits and tunnels prejudicially slavering, spawning and rendering a cartoon of poison darts and scimitars. There is no room here to explore the clash of Orc armies even if we grant its subservience to the MoDork. Putative wars surviving, the Orc escaped and sought peace abroad where it continued fighting, serving buffalo and wolf on a piecemeal basis, but not so prolific in breeding, its territorial imperative gone. It became a rough skinned and claw handed back yard breeder, lost heinous trappings and lived in communities such as you used to see in Arkansas.
The bestial significance of its evolutionary reptilian likeness to old myths of half men half beasts common to anthropoids was only secondarily like the bestial case of giants, also mythological. The monstrous includes a deeper depravity than thought, a hyperspace Orc, a marooned arthropod degraded from citizenship, a debased angel coming out a bug. Orc paranoia differed in its ability to solve epistemological questions of destiny. Inner dislocation and personality dissolution fused those separate realities with the monstrous.
Various explanations of Orc genesis occur, Cain's wife not a daughter of Adam, his children's imperfect descendants interbreeding to produce an antediluvian Orc, or a cerebral hypertrophy-induced ideation of hatred, a power over nature so great it became the ruling class.
Orcs never properly understood natural law and force, they were arrogated privilege from the breast. Breastfed an inordinate time, Orcs deactivated the coping mechanism of survival. Present the teat what need respect nature? Such laws summed by DaWarin, that a big dog eats a little dog except where a little eats a big, invoked the x factor in the existence of natural law in the first place.
Science does not credit that the Orc is real. Whether it is medieval allegory, simply the worst kind of human being, we would like to forget. A third opinion suggests we share traits with it even though it has debased itself. Orc mind or heart as our own is a recession to fantasy. We hope in future to arm public defense against such defilement.