Two Fox and Hounds
A. Minetta Gould

Dear Misty,

Hound is

crying in your birth

name's grace. He driedup his salt
water taffy pulls and now drops

wax on keysto write you
love notes.

I tell you this because of harmony. I tell you

this because of Berryman.
I tell you this because I must
translate misfortune for Hound.

We tangoed in your name, Misty.

Spontaneity was never Hound's motivation.
Spontaneity was never Hound's daughter.

Couples demonstrate dirty beadwork
in your name, Misty. He has blown out his candle. Now Hound is left
lifeless. Now Hound is left stampless.


Fox tells Hound she has a bad

feeling in her stomach. He
licks her paw.

Fox: "I'm pregnant with pain! I'm pregnant with pain!"
Hound thinks of a better way to use alliteration.

Even though
the Fox and the Hound felt one another
they walked circles every time they met;
sniffing and doing their waltz
and their jitter bug. Hound shakes.
Fox trots.
Hound presses his ear
to hear the thump.
Fox trots.

And an old man
too poor to eat fresh fruit dies
a little. Fox & Hound know North from

South whenever they stand. They dive for night time.
Capture seaweed and cold.