i am going to kill myself with air
Kathryn Regina

i will be fine
when i said that i got worse when you were gone
i was thinking of something else
my heart is a balloon and my stomach is a balloon
and my head is a balloon
i was thinking of the bird that flew into a man's head
hard so that it actually flew inside the head
and it got trapped there and confused and everyone felt sorry
for the man and not the bird who had to stay in that man
's head. i felt like i was crying at your door and begging you
to come out and that felt good because i would never do that in real life
i like to feel like i am about to do something that i wouldn't do
and so have become another person and not just that i'm confusing
myself with another person but i actually am that other person

today i saw a watch made out of a silver dollar and it reminded me of you
because you wear a watch too.

i am in the air right now