Likert Scale
Rachel Andelman

He wasn't particularly handsome but it was good enough to make her run into that doorknob. You should have seen the doorknob, she tried to joke. Everyone laughed, for a girl in love is like a hospice on fire, you should be polite. For his part, he ignored her like a gentleman, except that time when the building was evacuated and they were the only smokers so they shared the shoulder, at which point -- hovering in the air, bemused -- there was a pack of children but they were soon gone. She said, I have all this pizza, I don't know where it came from, there isn't room for anything else. I can't eat that, he demured. She looked up at him because he was goddamn tall, a telephone pole or the moon. She said, If you eat, what you eat, I'll have too much of it. Don't worry. And he was a little touched, and he'd thought what it would be to have affairs, or just one, which is like becoming friends with the pig that will be cooked for dinner.