Jimmy Chen

Regarding your message about our members, it was not taken lightly. While our members are not as tall as your members, we are awake more times than you, and our heads have more girth. We care about nuclear families, not just throwing up; you and your fraternity parties, and your 'dumb girls'.
We know that your members where elected overnight by the state council. We know chaod is just another word for nepotism. We know about your over-priced brand jeans; your flags that smell on a humid day; your logos that always point in the most predictable of fashions.
Your members import their goods at beautiful ports, traversing canals which are cleaned regularly by your 'dumb girls'. Our members simply seek entrance to the same commonwealth, but have been rejected by the committee countless of times.
Castro was a woman. Her name was Castra. There is a name for when she ate. As far as Cuba is concerned, your members employed a one-dimensional solution to a two-dimensional problem for a three-dimensional country: they argued for a century about Cubism, but failed to render it correctly. George Braque was not baroque.
Your members have no arms and walk into walls, traversing clockwise, circumscribing an impossible rectangular room. Remember, this message is not intended for your members, but to the unborn near epiphanies blindly shot out into empty rooms.