Isaac Wilder

Chapter 1: Poke

Electric saws are dangerous. Poisonous snakes are dangerous. These snakes wrap around your neck, choke you, and you die. Did you know that glue was dangerous because you could glue your fingers together. Superglue is really dangerous because you could glue your fingers together for the rest of your life. You couldnŐt even pick out books. You could scoot them out, but not pick them out. Trees are dangerous because they are heavy and they could fall on you and kill you and a branch could fall through your heart. Swords are dangerous. They could kill you, like if you stabbed yourself. You could chop someone with a sword. If there was a robber in our house we would use the sword.
Wood dust is dangerous because it could get in your eyes. Splinters are very dangerous because they could get in your eye. Batteries are dangerous because if you suck on them, you die. A spear is dangerous.

Chapter 2: Poison

Poison is dangerous because it could get in your mouth and you could get killed. If you eat too many vitamins you will die. If you eat too many you get your pumach stumped. You also eat stuff that makes you barf. That stuff is not poison. If you have a drop of it you barf. You go in the emergency room and see the meanest doctors in the world. There is two in there. They put on special gloves then they touch you and the glove shocks you. If you eat poison you die. If a dog eats salt it will barf.

Chapter 3: Problem

If you're mental, you have a problem. Some people have problems about eating wrappers. Asa tries to hurt me, that's a problem. Sam has a problem about hurting Asa. Arlene has a voice problem & I can understand her. Asa keeps having Drummer Boy concerts. Those are problems because he keeps having them every year. I have to be the helper. I hate being the helper. If you get a balloon too close to the light it will pop. That is a problem.

Chapter 4: Glass & Sharp Things

Glass is really dangerous. It could kill you in different ways. It can like break when you're not looking and stab you in the back. Watch out because of glass. You could have a glass sword and stab yourself with it. Then you would like definitely get killed. If you step on glass, you get killed. If you step on something sharp, you get killed. Some twigs are sharp. If you stab yourself with a sharp one, you get killed.
Guns are dangerous. They can kill you by the bullet. Swords are sharp. You could hurt yourself by metal. You could hurt yourself by high things if you fall down. Electric is dangerous, because you could electrocute yourself. Allison's (Charly's friend) dad has an electric saw that is really loud. Automatics are dangerous because all you have to do is HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa.