in resistance. level the field. ground
Gary Lundy

in resistance. level the field. ground saturate. luxuriant interest. intersection. the bus smells. of. this happens early. of ripe urine. and vomit. he. this may be. the young man. delusional. but not. necessarily. believes he sees. his fathers face. deflects. a sign. he. the father. later. now being dying. dies. she. whose child. not yet three. suckles. makes elephant noise. gives. offers her. skin to peel. feel the strange. pleasures. in cold. touch. of no one. in particular. they being. preoccupied. undeniably wanting. after words. this coming still. much later. even. than then. sits atop. the other. having all. ready come. by. the stereo cabinet. pretends his eyes. do not pry. for more. their hands. wanting the touch. beyond a time. having nothing. in particular. in common. they. sit still. in. the motel room. it having. stopped. he now feeling. well enough. after. having. in fearing. the bed made. never unpeels. laughter. laughing. outside. they. these two. who may be. but probably. are not. wearing hats. he believes. intervention. that by. institution. insults. among others. more than count. the passing women. all. ripe sexy. they. he remarks. like walls. masks. but. he does not. know this. thinks. he passes. too. who will nevertheless. having come. into this. later. even then. as rain blisters. the skin. screens. cover in. city air oil. while. all the while. surface disappears. comes into it. they are. steady. then. in time. evolve. triangle affection. no thing. ever. sustains finally. given. the other. and this one. the older. man. who even now. equivalent. hesitates. incense rubs. along the top. of his mouth. like guacamole. it never. having. happens. precisely. like this other.