Celia and Roger
Kim Parko

Celia is a palmist and she has taken Roger's hand in marriage. Roger is a man who tries to mold the Big Boxes into rounded hives. After their wedding, the couple takes a honeymoon. They are happy to see the bees buzzing across the lunar rifts; the collapsed colonies, it seems, are merely relocated. The newlyweds wear spacesuits and the sleep in a meditative orbit. There is a meteor shower for the last few days of their honeymoon; it is a heavy downpour of space rock. On the last day, Roger suffers a concussion and Celia fuses the crack with propolis. When the couple come back to earth, they see the unforgiving angles of a Big Box where the bees used to perform their hive-dance. Celia takes Roger's hand and finds the bifurcation of his lifeline. When he asks for a prognosis, she says, "It could go either way."