Sonya Arko

The ginkgo tree on the bank of the river: an exploded firework,
one second after the burst --

Inside, in the jar of water, the rooting ivy branches
reach out into a bouquet.

The idea, rooting in the jar of water at the edge of the desk. How long will it take?

Three stems brought together = accepted as bouquet
= starburst object

A starburst a bomb
replicated, then altered.

Then shifted into form.

Focus on procedure, and arrangement.

The explosion has already occurred, focus on the bouquet.

Dear explosive bloom,
Three parts are brought together.
Consider them: entity.
Consider them attentive, affectionate, proud, and sudden.

Focus on the blooms turning brown at their edges, no, focus on the blooms.

Dear violent bloom,
You are starting to disintegrate.