Matthew Savoca

They were right to be afraid. They never did see each other, faces out. They lost it, if that makes any sense to you. They were afraid they'd lose it and they lost it. I'm telling you this because they are gone.
They were the same person. I've read the letters. They were different people, one on top of the other, or they were the same person. They were different things at different times. It doesn't matter. They fled but not together.
They weren't there. I went to that street corner. 8th and something. I forget now. They wrote it in the letter. It wasn't me, it wasn't always me. Sometimes it was me reading. They said they thought they saw each other there. And not long after I went there. It was confusing, is confusing. My back was to the street. They had no chance to recognize me, but I was there. I'm not going back, but I was there.