(We share the last seat on the last car of the last subway ride out of here)
from The Subway
Philip Quinn

In the Pizzicato local unkempt alberto bitch chases Spanish and admonishes the dark side of her dilettante¹. Guardian angels remain queasy. When you see pit viper about salad dressing, it means that the shadowy frond dies. Living for light bulb and tea party prays. Where we secretly mourn our squids. Where we can seldom give a pink slip² to our red wheelbarrow.
Arbitrary erratum: Lineprinter mature bluff ivory victory.
Latin poet Cantillus wrote (translation graciously provided by David Grayson, Professor of Poetry and Lingual-Shifted Communication, Buffalo State University) Seep sagacity digresses the poor unannunciated caterpillar³.

1)Perillus Aupont's Guide to a Destructive Grammer, section viii, paragraphs 2&3. Also erratum to published document put out by research fellow Armeus Smith the following year.

2) The Rouge Construction of Biography: From Titullus to Tito by Emmerson Wycliffe, published by the Lountree Foundation.

3)History and Operation of the Lakeland Subway System page 113: Coopers Point crosses into the infill of the original Lakeland harbour. Historical debris such as pottery fragments and old brick works are presently being catalogued by Lakeland Museum staff. All vertical rides will be covered by government assistance. No smoking, lingering, or discursive chatter aloud. In case of an emergency press red buttons. Service resumes shortly. Our Latinate admission statement: scallops piggled & bent/ a sop & a red duke/ inside a ponga of sandoz (here comes every body).