Two Poems
Patrick Leonard


The Council for Volumes and Other Measurements had sunk at once after a report disclosed the hat from which they drew standardized measurements according to the laws of chance inherent in Nature was not a locally made hat. The Hat-Maker's Collective had, since their unfashionable political squabble with the Shoe-Maker's Guild, been the exclusive supplier for measurement decision accessories. So when Vincent suggested the rule of every quantity being regulated in relation to a bird's wing that has never flown, both manufacturers scoffed and pounded items nearby with their fists. Jackson, a Hat-Maker, and Soren, a Shoe-Maker, knew if either business were to survive Vincent would have to be dealt. The Shoe-Maker said to the Hat-Maker, "How many bird's wings into the thicket will we have to take him?"


Adelina would bring supper straight from the river, soaked figs and stones on the serving dish Jackson won in a foot race. Jackson's competitive nature, especially against children, exceeded his own desires for a medium-sized tray of worked nickel. When the race conductor blew his whistle furious, Jackson shoved Emma and Emma fell into Marta and thereby Soren, the quickest boy ever, plunged headlong to the ground. First place was awarded three frantic clouds and second place won a difficult overcoat.