Three Poems
martin de mello

nobody dies

he disturbed the reflection. overhead a plane crashed, at tangents
the shadow part made on the ground.

storyboard 13

known as an eskimo kiss, or an inuit. the script written, use tipp-ex.

stop left, here

your face. if i begin. bears comparison. the concrete block placed at the end of the street. to stop stolen cars.

that was the day neither of us died. one of us should have, holding a red flag in front of riot shields and batons, behaving as if we had a life of our own. yet perhaps.

it was the pigeon. the damn pigeon. looking down at us raising one fist to the sky. and the statue i can't remember, an industrialist. looking down at us and having a crap. it might be events happen. the bonfire we made from clothes you stole from washing lines. the police officer beating us, piss simple.