Michael Stewart



The Calyptra moths that rest on the foreheads of cattle and with hooked proboscises work under their eyelids. Mixes a small amount of blood with the fluid of their tear ducts and makes of that some warmth.
Is only slightly larger than a grown man's thumbnail. Is the dusty brown of dead leaves.


Which fits a small cocoon between the leave of bark and is slowly coated in the sap of the tree. Making a hard, small shell that sits until ingested by a Fish Crow. Its chrysalis occurs in the warmth of those stomachs. Slowly the bird's digestive acids break down the cocoon releasing a toxin that kills the host. Finally able to break out of the cocoon, the moth works it way back up the throat of the bird and emerges through the beak.
It is beautiful with a striking white body. It lives only a short time, three to four days.