Martin Law

I are get better at this talk and know why I here know what I did know why you look at I different now. I learn this learn from watch you more. I talk on this white and I talk about party and food eat food and I not like Toby and I talk this white to help you more see I. Toby has toys and toothbrush and clothes Toby is better than I and walk and eat on plate eat on table and I dirty and smelly and before Toby I not dirty and smelly. Toby friend give toys more give and I want toys want toys and food for I but before Toby before Toby I not have toys and not want toys more. Toby friend there with food and more give more and friend there and walk where I walk and fire on food and noise for Toby and walk where I walk and noise for Toby and Toby more get food and more eat more. Toby talk and get all looks from you and Toby talk to you and I see and Toby get looks again and I angry and I sorry this is here for I sorry and talk what I is like if you I and not outside giving looks. I get angry to friend and Toby and not talk and more hurt more Toby friend. Red and more noise more. Red and scream red scream. I hands on friend face and I hurt him screaming screaming I hurt him. Toby friend face in I hands friend face on I face and I Toby friend now and wear clothes eat on plate eat on table. I walk and eat on plate eat on table with Toby friend face and want Toby hurt Toby eat food on ground. You not talk Toby not help his friend you talk I hurt friend. I talk Toby should help and not eat food on ground eat food on plate eat on table and Toby should help. I know why I here I know what I did hurt Toby friend and I want to wear clothes and more eat more on plate on table and I know hurt Toby friend and this is for you to see and you can see this and see I before instead of the different eyes you have now.