As Sure As All Pendulums Reverse Their Swing
Jasmine Dreame Wagner


We drive to work and cannot remember
if we turned off the stove. We, being human, turn off
the highway and click on HOME.

We call collect.
We find exactly what we need,
no screwdriver, no battery!


We lock the door.
We spread out over three lanes
as we, in our physical presence

provide social prohibition and evidence
of misdeed, but State isn't ready
for We today

who demand an innocent island adventure
who expect each moment to bring changing light
to this slot canyon behind the echoplex.

The system observes
motion on a screen and adapts
to the waving of trees. . .


as prayers progress into altars
simple maintenance
spreads a warm bath mat

in the place of the foreseeable
future -- sculptured instruments
with theater lighting traversing

scalar fields -- no wings
no identifiable markings/cardiology
conflated with hydromechanics/Pleasure

in the Astrodome -- as summer wears
on, we practice fire, tornado, tsunami, quake/
We assist

with the ribbon-cutting of centuries --

Our atlas folds
from sky

to sky


Most of us
spray or swat flies.
Some cook fish alive.

Some in a race to quill
the quilt some must escape from.


Some societies have no interest in the moon.