M. Thomas Gammarino

I used to run the Willa Cather down at the Willa Cather until the Willa Cathers came to institute the new Willa Cather. Because of all the new Willa Cathers, I could no longer get the Willa Cathers necessary to fund the Willa Cather. And without Willa Cathers on the Willa Cather, no one quite knows how to sustain the Willa Cather. Do you hold a Willa Cather down at the Willa Cather? Or maybe we could throw a Willa Cather after the Willa Cather? I'm really at a Willa Cather. It'd be nice if all of the Willa Cathers could still benefit from the Willa Cather, but it's hard to tell when there are so many Willa Cathers and so few Willa Cathers and everything seems to point towards Willa Cather.
Last night I was approached by Willa Cather. Suggesting all kinds of Willa Cathers, Willa Cather made me feel like I was a Willa Cather, like if only the Willa Cathers would agree to resume the Willa Cather, we might still produce a Willa Cather. I don't have any Willa Cathers per se yet, but I'm not ruling out the Willa Cathers of Willa Cather, who are, after all, our greatest Willa Cathers.
I also conferred with Willa Cather, who brought up a new Willa Cather. Evidently Willa Cather will be holding a Willa Cather for all of the Willa Cathers in Willa Cather on the Willa Cather after Willa Cather. I'm going to phone the other Willa Cathers so that perhaps we could all meet at that Willa Cather as well and organize a full-scale Willa Cather. So far this seems to me like the best Willa Cather. I remind you, though, that it is not the only Willa Cather, and it would seem to behoove us to keep the other Willa Cathers on the Willa Cather while we go about investigating the most obvious Willa Cather, which is none other than Willa Cather himself.