Three Excerpts from baby
Ryan Richey


When I'm half awake I say yes to everything. If you come to my window I will let you in. I just don't want to live forever.

He Makes Me Smile

Terry and Jerry Garrett. Both hairy. Never know which one you're going to get. They replace each other.
Donny Ford says, "Susie, Terry's been looking for you. I'm sure it's him, cause Jerry's in LA."
I'll wait for him to find me at the hospital. Fly me over pastures scaring cattle. Turn my mind off. Mooch me. Ten years since I've had a boyfriend.

First Date

Rolling the Rustang shows a humble nature. Drooping shoulder line announces the shirt's too big. No reason for high waders. No flood's coming.
I bought them cause they make my butt look good.