Ben Stein

What we have in this particular space and time is a problem with a solution some of us may or may not already have in mind. Which is to say, we need to make a move, and I think you know what it is.
For those of you without an idea, let's just say follow where I lead, and keep quiet until you start to pick up on what is happening around you.
And for those of you with your heads sewn on straight, let's try to keep them that way; here's a little morsel of encouragement and advice: It is all a matter of promptness and commitment. That and, of course, steady hands. Cool heads. Some of you have these in spades. Those of you who don't, now is the time to cool and steady yourselves. It is the cool and the steady who win races, they say. Well I say, this is no race, but we will be winning it, whatever it is. As a matter of fact, as a matter of personal self respect and regard, you all owe it to yourselves to take the day. You owe it to me too, of course. After what I've put in, what I've invested in bringing you all this far, you owe me that. Probably a lot more too, but we'll address that later.
So tie on your big boy bonnets, say your goodbyes, your aggrievaderrcis, wet your little ladies down with kisses one more time. It is time now to make this happen. And if you don't know what it is that is happening, listen up: