Rich Bologna
Richard Parks

PRODUCT ORIGINS: Cured in several goodish-sized canisters of our artisinal brandless texture oils. Flecked with bits of old cassettes, reel-to-reels and gaffer-fondled stage tape. This Rare and Rich Bologna discharged swiftly, a gland both steaming and bent. We did not have to wait long. Following evacuation, the silence blew off immediately. The apprenticeship apron would not fasten. He delighted neighboring participants and figured prominently in his own first meals. Summary -- A rare Homuncular monkish being with unprecedented capacities for mimicry of Middle Area vernacular, Rich Bologna came to us eighty-six percent formed.

CURRENT STATE: Latticework and diamond mining. We intend the least conventional senses those terms can carry. Action is focused heavily in shifting, forgetting, unfair intentional documenting, ennobling, tiny clock-breaking.

ENDORSEMENT: Market values need not apply, nor your bright and studied maps. If you attempt to weigh a Rich Bologna, or shrink-wrap one, shapes and mass will resist until you fall, breathless, into its eyes.