Downfall of the Demonots
AE Reiff

They are called Superstition Demonots from three rules of order in the philosopher Hegel, a dialectic known as the Golden Superstitions, but in reverse.

Their third order is at the top, called Man Who Is, but hypothetically, for Demonots do not believe in such a being.

The closest explanation they give is, Is Is, Is?
Which is to say, Is, Is Not.
They believe in not being.

Since Demonots disbelieve the third order they substitute it with the second, Man Who Is Not.
This is the man who says, Was, Is, to delve the metaphysic.

Second order initiates engage the science of nemesis.
They conceive the Piscean bully a savior, the Aquarian tyrant a brother, the Scorpion iconoclast a disciple, the Leonian recluse a star.
It shows ironic self-awareness.

A spider caught in a web, prevented by itself from being itself, they achieve a brotherhood of the imperfect.
They are not what others think them.
They are not what they're supposed to be.
They are not what they think themselves.

In topsy turvy, Not Man Who Is, of the First Order, a Demonot underclass, took the Second and substituted itself. This Not-Man concocted a pretend order that said since the Second thought itself unworthy, it must be, for who would know better? So the First substituted itself for the Second and pretended to be the Third.