The Great Plains
for L

Elizabeth Ellen

Do not mistake my feminist leanings for complacency. I will without hesitation throw a punch. I will unburden you the eloquence of his arm with one twist from my own.
I have been known to throw a punch. Have I mentioned this? I long ago learned not to tuck my thumb. What a rookie mistake. I will not make it with you.
What you cannot see is the way his body behaves alone in my presence. You have witnessed him only within the confines of this room: tepid, stagnant. You have no idea his capabilities as the receiver of answered prayers. Or what he looks like bent over my bed.
Youth is not something that interests me at the moment. It is inconceivable to me the erasing of lines. I am unmoved by smooth surfaces. The Great Plains bore the shit out of me, if you want to know the truth. That's not a crack at you, L. Just because it would appear I'm speaking directly to you here, doesn't mean you're not paranoid.