Soak Up the Sun
Dmitry Yegorov

Aigisthos in his former incarnation sunbathed in the park. Flakes of his former incarnation were scattered in the grass around him.
Egisto, in the form of a bird, made a sound like a cat.
Aigisthos sat up in the grass and nudged a softball. A great wind blew the softball away. The sky darkened.
Egisto emerged from a tree and grew to the size of a house. He inverted the park; that is, he turned the park upside down. But Aigisthos sat calmly. He sat calmly. He looked around for the ball.
Egisto picked up a flake from the grass. "This flake. It was not here yesterday. I myself watched the municipal employees clean the park."
Aigisthos laughed as Egisto cumbersomely went around the park picking up flakes. Aigisthos scanned the park for the ball. Flakes of his new incarnation fell from him into the grass.
Egisto squawked profanely and rotated the park 180 degrees. Aigisthos laughed again, louder. Egisto frantically moved about the park. Flakes of Egisto fell into the grass; black flakes on green, brown on green.
Aigisthos stopped laughing. He said, Egisto, relax. Soak up the sun. Aigisthos spotted the softball and handed it to Egisto. Egisto squawked in distress.
Aigisthos said, Don't squawk. I only wanted to sunbathe and play softball. I am no longer my old incarnation.
Egisto squawked again, a squawk of acknowledgment.
Aigisthos said, You recognize me in my new incarnation. You acknowledge me.
Egisto rotated the the park another 180 degrees and inverted it again, and tossed the softball nonchalantly from hand to hand.