Ben Latini

He's thought about himself on videotape, but would old Johnny not have done that too?
Might as well break out the paint set;
Put the shoes on and hit the hospital. . .
Meet with youngsters, Grow a mustache.

Fried Chicken he thinks. As in: spend 10 hours a day around it.
Work blurs difficulties
Severs cracked limbs.
Frees Weapon Torsos
The man at the track said so in less words: one word. . . when he woke up
Then turned his eyes to the racing form and pretended it was the Kabbalah, perhaps or
The book of Job.

Two wives would be good.

One for home and one scattered throughout the dangerous parts of the world or smoked in the basement.

:To see him again, at another funeral.

Sir, please come with me.