excerpt from Still Places to Go
Paige Taggart

Remember color without film. (Shadows of sheets and piles of bed left on curbside.) Do color of dresses wear out, sync time index favor. Shall she make up for her poses by intersection and my, lights look bright tonight. Almost willing to touch back on powdered cheeks. Series of sunsets always make nice letterheads. Day is turning in on itself. Delete all type. Print cursive, belly up like Edwardian deposits. Intimately scaled new ideas. Flexed palms, I am taking your picture. Having seen that we already know what its like to see each other. Lets make her greener today. This place is great. She walks off deck to corner perception. There's lack of (lens) for better word. An affectation of having seen through. Something already been seeing through eyes for millennia. Figured, didactic ways to channel melted vision. Screen prints all over the den.