This Is What She Told Me
Barbara Maloutas

I told D. that I'm so glad I'm working this summer because I got a chance to meet B. I told her I like B. She gets it.
I don't know.
D. told K., well, I don't know B. And K. went on, I told D. that I got to know B. I went to a summer get-together at the bar of a hotel down the street and she gets it. This is what she told me. She told D. that she was pleasantly surprised.
Then I ran into K. at the pool party this weekend and she told me all this again. There were people, mostly kids, in the pool. I for one would not want one of my co-workers thinking of me in a bathing suit. I think it's been five or six years since I tried to put one on.
Then I said that I have to get a drink. I was thinking that I'm at a pool party, after all. I've arrived late, but there was not much left in the way of snacks -- a few carrots and some sticks of celery and dip. At least I needed a drink but I don't stand on ceremony, never did. I poured 1/3 of a glass or so. Put in ice, a piece of lime and a little tonic.
And she was right there and said to me, you see. I knew you got it. So I think, I get it. Her husband is kind of nice but I was wondering if he was a hippy way back when and what exactly is he now. He worked for a big company sometime in between.
So she touched my collar and my back and said, people must think it's a sin for you to wear this.
Then I asked, what is this anyway?
What is this kidney pool, anyway?