22 December, 2006
K.M. Weaver

The panga took us somewhere else for only 50 cords apiece. Panga, subjunctive form of paner: to be oscillated at regular intervals while your destination appears to retreat. Also, a small boat. She found me amusing, and held my hand as the blue tarp passed overhead: our captain's makeshift rain covering. Those near the sides held it fixed: a Nicaraguan pie. The passengers spoke no English, an assumption, and I remember promising in louder-than-necessary tones those parts of her I would kiss later on. I never did. No one pays attention anymore. The must and melon rinds, the pattering of rain -- even the rises and falls of the panga steadied from lack of interest. I didn't notice that her hand didn't move that whole time. Everyone in the filling was caught unawares. There, even captains lose sight of the clouds and smells and the shoals.