Three Fictions
Brandi Wells


We eat blueberries while he drinks a Newcastle and I sip chocolate milk. Really, I am drinking the Newcastle and he is drinking the chocolate milk, but I thought it sounded better the other way.


The cat lays on its side with his paws drawn up to his chin. I lay facing him and put my hands up like his paws, rubbing my face against the carpet when he does.
No one is watching.

Secret Words

I want a piece of paper that is just mine. The words on it, no one will ever see. I will write secret words, like: cucumber, paperbag, swamp monster, sea foam, orange, down and god. If anyone saw them they wouldn't think they were enough. They would be insignificant. But they belong to me and you will never see them.
P.S. Those aren't the words I would write. You will never know.