ouch, he says
Sasha Fletcher

In a dream, he tells her he has somewhere to go. He grows a giant mustache very quickly. He has several handguns and they are well oiled. She throws a fish at him. It is a salmon. It is not a small fish. She begins to throw several more at him, pulling them from a cooler at her feet. "Stop that," he says. She says, "No." He sighs heavily, his horse sighs, the salmon sigh, the sky sighs and as it does lightning comes crashing down, destroying the road he was planning on traveling.
"Well," she says, in the dream.
That's all she says.
"How am I going to get these fish to the city," he says to her.
She makes a gun with her fingers, and shoots him in the foot.
"This is a dream, isn't it."
"POW," she says.
"That isn't very helpful."
"BREAST," she says, and shows them to him.
"FISH," she hollers and throws even more! He falls off the horse!
Thunder crashes like a bowling alley. The salmon flop around. He just stays there on the ground. She goes inside the house and makes him some coffee.