Two Writings
Eric Beeny

At the Science Museum

The space exhibit was on the top floor and I took the elevator up.
The room was big and dark.
In the middle of the room was a giant globe of the Earth.
A long, round table circled it, with computers in orbit like satellites.
I climbed over the table and went into my bag.
I pulled out a power drill, chucked in a long bit.
I was never good at geography, but I found North America.
I put the drill up against the eastern seaboard, pulled the trigger.
Big dust clouds of the Earth's crust burst up all around me.
The big, dark room got all foggy and I started coughing.
I drilled down as far as I could, almost down to the middle.
I pulled the drill out, blew the dust off.
I tore a blank sheet of paper from my notebook.
I rolled it up like a wormhole.
I put one end of it into the hole I drilled.
Into the other end I whispered, "Turn around."
I heard something behind me.

Telephone Booth

How do I know
I've never been hypnotized?
Every room I stand in feels
like a broken elevator.