Mike Topp

One night I went to the *. The next morning I felt like ==. I remember an elegant Eastern European dwarf prophesized retrospectively to me on Christopher Street: "Before the Civil Jar, this neighborhood was wine bottles."
But do you think a little dwarf can properly prophesize? He followed me down to the piers; I heard him: "I've got good news. That gum you like is going to come back in style." I didn't dare leave the piers since he dared to stare right at me when the moon rose. I saw that he looked like George Washington. Still he was a bad prophet. Mr. Uncle, who only saw me once at a poker game, prophesized that I'm unlucky at love -- whereas I've been married four times. He's a bad prophet too. The relationship between prophecies and clothes. ____ said clothes make the man; who will make us prophet's clothes?