Canon of Proportions
Jimmy Chen

If your radius does not work it is because it has expired. This is a new issue because your self migrated its entire radius from a secondary liaison (formerly known as a circle) to the area immediately outside, or 'contempt.' Contempt access is no longer open ended, which means everyone's radius now has an expiration date; but instead of notifying your body of this, your self has rippled inward.
Do not inquire when your radius expires, or request to push the date back. This is already a logistical headache, and I am currently in 'damage control' mode trying to help people whose radii are already dead. Leon and I have the situation under control. I'd like to take this opportunity to publicly acknowledge and thank Leon, who the blunt of this burden is falling on. Information on the 'Mona' is forthcoming.
If your body is not Self Centered (some of you think we are your body but we are not), you will need to contact your self's lymphatic system. Self Center, under the jurisdiction of your self, by definition cannot help you. We also cannot help you with radius access to other people. Love is measured by the distance from the mouth to the anus. The distance from the hairline to the eyebrows is one-third of the length of the face, unless you are retarded.
We are currently working on 'symmetry' to help you navigate your way through the bureaucratic labyrinth that is your self. With symmetry, one side will be the same as the other. That there is no phrase "successful body" or "symmetry completed" is not an over-sight on the part of this design team. Traditionally, when interfacing with your body, your self has come to expect such micro-affirmations. When you scan the mirror your eyelids will read the back of your head. Whether or not this is a hallucination is dependent on 'network' issues that shall not be discussed here.
The distance from the top of the head to the bottom of the chin is one-eighth of one self's height. Those with double chins aim to confuse us and will be hung. The distance between the navel and memory is infinite. The square and circle are struggling to embody your self. They will not accept the feet.