Ryan Richey

"Barbara Hershey's a bitch," breathes Meemie to Dick in line dressed up as Andy Griffith. Two thousand odd residents made to look like the bygone era. Wheelchairs traded for wooden ones. When the gym fills the 1954 state championship game begins. This time filmed for a movie. They pick this locale because it's untouched since the time of the first game. The name's chosen because no one knows. Passed down story is an ear was found on the floor after a bloody barroom brawl. "Whose ear?" After years of asking we become Hoosiers with goals in each drive or bottomless crates nailed to trees serving as goals. Meatboy's been practicing on his all morning. It's time to show them. Out of all the youngsters, sports stars and the most beautiful he's selected to shoot the free throws at the end.