21st Century
Tirumal Mundargi

They loaded desktops, laptops, hubs and compact discs onto the bullock cart. The man washed himself in a green water pond where buffaloes had reclined. When he swam in the pond he passed by those black creatures and winced. She too had bathed, not in the pond, but elsewhere. Soon after bath they made a bonfire of their trousers, shirts, inner wear, goggles and cell phones. He wore a white dhoti and white shirt, and she wore a maroon cotton sari and a matching blouse, and they stepped into leather Kolhapuris after eating sorghum pancakes with gongura dal. She had a vermilion dot fixed in the middle of her forehead by beeswax. They boarded the bullock cart and he urged the cream-colored bullocks with, "Hi! Hi!" and they moved on. When she asked him, "Where're we going, dear?" he said, "Where else? To our clients!"