Kitchen Musings
Tammy Ho Lai-ming

Let's say history doesn't repeat itself.
Let's say only washing machines do.
The clothes inside go round and round.
Let's say they fare better worn.
They love trousers, they love thongs.

Let's say water really carves stones.
Let's say the patterns tell stories.
They scare children shitless.
Let's say tap-water writes on plates.
One-liners told to house-makers.

Let's say there's a rabbit outside the window.
Let's say it's laying an egg, or maybe four.
Let's say cockroaches are hungry.
They are invisible. Where are they?
Let's say the rabbit and the eggs are gone.
Let's say there have been no rabbit, eggs,
cockroaches, and window.

But there is a window.
The clothes are dancing.
The plates, now dry, lost their words.