Forrest Roth

All there is, is this sever. Amity, a trumpet signal crying children so across the kneel. We were music read at bedtime. A piece of night that imagined us

staying for ages. How sepulchral bathers come to no end. Bless them, sing beneficiaries after a beneficial life. Opportune against archives remaining handsome in some failed splendor of impending

footsteps. Grand ballrooms, bridal chambers interrupt what they try fending off. Risen on affixed crest this, over a bow of wax, the final shape of a crimson dragon in its perify. Signature shames those who hold the feathered pen incorrectly and bind to tertiary spellings

for they mean too well, even that which they cannot articulate. The will matters in governance as it does in expressives. Ill-tempered flesh wisens speech and, when approached, our permission sought

as flowers whelp us into frozen ground. We bear yearning separate. A lesson has been forgotten. Another eternal loosens these scraps

Mike Eckel, "DNA confirms IDs of czar's children." Associated Press online release. 30 April 2008.