Public Airing
Lijia Xie

6:13 A basin unearthed, painted on its inner wall
8:29 fireworks imitating the rhythm of a heartbeat
9:12 with wisps of long hair, red lips, a round form
9:47 the straining breast of the wrestler
10:56 in his productive labor, said to be the earliest forms of
11:47 literally, "hitting the soil"
13:29 adopted in the centralized sports system of the 1950's
14:63 a decree in which Mao gave his officials to understand
15:87 muscle-bound women among the rural poor
15:55 under umbrellas on lawn chairs as a summer breeze swept
16:21 through foiled bomb plots by militants to
16:48 win a point, it could be called
17:17 finding a home on a team
17:92 at least holding the line on
18:35 differences between male and female equivalents
20:10 to feel integration among the masses
20:29 saving people from the wreck of
21:53 nothing but injuries all over your body

6:13 Nearly the whole time waiting for something
8:29 with breasts, to make a generalization about
9:12 terraces of red fields and red streams
11:47 held off as the source pollutant
12:44 replaced by sweetness in the mouth of
13:29 wedding practice, wearing sunglasses and racing to bed.
14:63 Oh, the lovely, traditional homes
16:21 so doing the wrong thing
16:48 I asked them to take pictures of me
17:17 fighting over the bride and the festival of splashing
17:92 an American family by
18:35 patterns lilac or soft red like
19:26 gestures. Accordingly
20:10 bedtime milk from the housekeeper
20:29 telling my fortunes, but I didn't
21:53 stay alit. I didn't know their names or roles
22:10 especially with no one else there for
22:19 the target of national distribution
23:01 to rise above the clouds and see the sun shining through more