Three Kinetic Energies From A Writer To Forty Thousand Kinetic Energies From A Painter Makes Forty-Thousand and Six Kinetic Energies From Two Women:
Three Paintings of Lydia Dona's Collective Work Prose Poem'd by

Nicolle Elizabeth


For "From Heat To SubZero"

(Wo)man made machinery in urban shades of transformation, hues move a triptych of conscious, blank atmosphere heavy metal light particle environmental zones SubZero from Heat. Cinematic sculpture on the page, in our own monuments. We see the line, the shadow, the ash, the mark, the aftermath. Forgiveness comes from the dark, true. Truer still: we must not pay attention to the dark, but rather, bare witness to the light.

-- or --

I am making this boat my damn self.


For "Heat, Temperature, Light And Air"

Angularly perceived architecture I ache to look up.


For "The Cosmetic Landscape of Murphyy's Law"

This painting is based on carparts. My strife in these pipes is pointing upward, like the rest of me: the weather underground. I am everything she isn't, and by she, I mean everything else in the rest of your life. Body next to curve, arms on a wall, entrapped in a technology, aligned and adjusted in re-enacted tubes, and I am below. I'm not asking you to think when you walk: I'm asking you to look up while feeling what's beneath your feet.


For "Puzzles And Crossroads And The Pathetic Gestures Under Sun & Rain"

Electrify everything, hold nothing.

-- or --

The way that I have chased you through this maze is a story only Gods can tell.