People Nowadays
Michelle Reale

We hunched together over the table.
We were two and we were a crowd.
I spent the day tacking up flyers to find my cat.
The woman on stage shuffled her feet back and forth. A song about blackbirds. Duh de duh duh duh.
He put his finger in his scotch and stirred. He'd never done anything like that before.
I thought of all of the flyers. He put a hand on my thigh. "I'm doing this for you, you know." Tightly.
She eyed us from the stage. She did the soft shoe and pointed in my direction. Duh de duh duh duh.
I hoped he would lie if he had to. "Maybe," he said. I sat up a little straighter, my hand on my chest. "But people nowadays. . ."
The woman sang a little louder. Her arms swung back and forth. Vaudeville. The lights on stage were so bright. He was with me one minute, gone the next. My first of the night.