translated from the original Esperanto
P.H. Madore

Five hundred years from now you stand in front of our monument and ogle our collective craftsmanship. You suffer not the burden of a society fundamentally opposed to your success, happiness, or the welfare of your children. Never have you known a day of which every second was not only in your possession but guarenteed to you in much the same way we were guaranteed death and taxation. For these and other reasons, this testament is not for you, but dare you not look away just yet!
In school you've surely learned what our enemies got away with for more than two-thousand years. We ask only that you memorize the signature traits of the bad people -- their hollow laughter, blank eyes, and degraded notions of brotherhood. Otherwise we demand no gratitude from you, our descendant. For what we did three months and six days ago was only necessary and our only regret is that the vile history which led us here can't simply be forgotten. Their ways would surely then creep back up and destroy what too many gave their lives to build.
Know who the bad people are and forget not your history. That which does not serve society does serve itself. Enjoy your life, abuse your liberty, and never quit. This is for us, not you, so get the fuck away from here.