Chocolate Milk Day
Bryan Coffelt

The kids in the lunch line turned their eyelids inside out. The lunch lady said turn those eyelids around or no chocolate milk. The kids were unruly. The teachers had seen it all before, but ignored the children. The teachers sat at their own table. There was so much tension at the teachers' table because they had different political views.
The lunch line plotted against everyone regardless of their political affiliation. The whole line of students, eyelids flipped inside out, were scaring the lunch lady. She nearly backed into a hot stove, and then tipped the sloppy joe pot over and screamed. The child at the front of the line laughed and tried to un-flip his eyelids but panicked. Like broken blinds, they would not go up. He began to scream. The whole lunch line attempted to un-flip their eyelids, but it did not work. They all began to scream and ball. Tears dripped from under the orange red layer over their eyeballs.
The teachers began to scream and blame each other. Someone screamed "pensions." Someone else screamed "school board." Teachers scrambled for implements, and the school nurse rushed to her FIRST AID KIT which was only Spongebob band-aids and dumped it out looking for something. She screamed and panicked and her hands covered her face like oceans.