Album Cover
J. Michael Wahlgren

Girl I slept next to working there in the record shop, I acted out roles to fit my youth again. This complies with our request to open cans or vices suiting our needs beyond just necessity. I've left your arms & let your elbows bend. Now, I'm on my knees begging for mercy, adjudicating an unknown law. I want to desire again. I want to bend in two. If that's a break, let it be known, prayers never work for me, but tonight, I feel holy & you're in my company. It's said you have to go through tunnels to reach light, & now, I'm reaching for my cigarette but I quit playing, slide my hand upon your back. I recall the slap, the calling of names reaching out both sides to make another. I am holy here in the record shop, décor & comely, but now I'm with you. Original documents never sign. Origins are never sinful in nature, but here we are, girl I slept next to working here in the record shop, only now, I'm not in the record shop. In your presence, cursive turns to calligraphy & the autograph upon your body tattoos itself like radio, a two way sentence, or a palindrome & the word yes.