Two Poems
Trey Jordan Harris


In summer we built
a church of cornstalks.

When we knelt in the church Please
respond. the worm was

in the dirt. We built
a church out

of cornstalks and I
saw you

on the lawn asleep.
When you opened your mouth

Please respond.

I saw the worm inside
your stomach and crawling

up your throat. It was summer
and then it was not.


I built this town
for you while you slept
from the dust

that collected on your body
while you slept.
I can't remember how

long you slept or how long
we've been in orbit
around the town.

Please respond.

I can remember the exploding
stars you slept through,
the somniloquy you gave

about your ideal city. I did not
build your ideal city. Do you
see what I made?

Please respond.

What will they call it,
and when will they learn
to speak?