West of Trieste
Simone Kearney

Stone maze
that no amount of bulbs

who wants gelato
who says I'm fat
all week long we got even fatter

maybe if I lie down
Jupiter will lie
on top of me

that school bell
is a church

but now it's too quiet
someone must have forgotten
to draw me with ears

so I follow Titian
into the back room
to pose in my Diesel Jeans

here come the girls
bumping against statues
but the Uffizi is closing

so we walk across a bridge of bronze boys
let them kiss
for the picture

there's some cadmium in the sidewalk
where I scraped my knee
and made the sound of a violin

Titian's organist prefers
a small sexuality
so I won't swing my hips

to attract it
all night long
hold your horses

I hold in my hand a sour green apple
there is pleasure in the hard bite
the wine is thin and unreliable.

If I were a plump eye of Veronese
there'd be enough pale silk to go around
& soften our edges

It's all in the effect
but non sono una donna d'affari
where the fuck is the vaporetto?

Don't paste over the waves
lapping with a crude unifying semblance
a corridor I recede in it

left alone to connect this world to my body
beating back
the mosquitoes

when will the floodgates open?
they say the ground isn't daylight
it isn't, is it?