Water Conversation
Davy Preston Knittle

Frank the fish is liable to have an accident. When you engineer sturgeon, they may require a second dorsal fin, or else a plank, or a pair of binoculars both to steer and to float on in the event of an emergency. Carl, meanwhile, is in the bathroom. He is washing his hands. This is an event that he may compete in later.

Pipes, as we all know, are directly linked to the lake. The lake is like a watershed. It defies irrigation. It contains fish. It also contains Frank. It is distinct from a particular municipality. It may require a new more aerodynamic design for Frank, more blue 5 for the shoot, for the water. But Carl must practice his handwashing. Like filtration, it is ultimately an effort to purify. Unlike filtration it is not an effort to purify the water, although the water is also being washed with soap. There are fewer dual dorsal sturgeon than there are competitive handwashers. I've sent Carl a Frisbee, and Knicks tickets. Frank, when you're ready, give me a call.