Laws of Nature
Shawn Maddey

We were driving along that road, just the two of us, her hand on my leg. Suddenly, there was a blank. It blanked the shit out of me, I blank to God, and I braked on the brakes. Eve blinked at me. I blanked back and felt blood on my forehead. I blacked out.
Eve's legs were broke. I woke to lights I couldn't remember, my memory was blank. Something about a blank on that road and a concussion with the blank stuck in a blank overturned. It could have been a name that she said. The next night, with Eve in two casts, we went home from the hospital. Somewhere along the way, the blank was blanked. We lay in bed, blank by blank. I spent a long time staring at Eve and blanking her face with my fingers, and stroking her belly. It was late. I'd forgotten all the longer words I knew. The moon was setting. And we both fell asleep on top of the blankets, tried to ignore the sun and the birds.