Two Poems
Elaine Equi

Notes of a Kitchen Novice

An Ascetic Breakfast

Bitter coffee
with banana medallions
on shredded wheat

Upside-down Soda

The bright cherry
of a traffic light

under frothy
pink clouds

piled high
between the straws
of two tall buildings

Allegorical Fruit

The melon of melancholy
Profound pears
The lemons of enlightenment
The grapes of wrath

Weeds Win!

At the Farmer's Market
you can get micro greens
and nasturtiums all day,

but the dandelions
are always gone by noon.

The Contagious Road

spreads confusion
far and wide.

We go on
putting one mistake
in front of another.

But then discover
a beautiful
a) garden
b) grove
c) glade
d) you name it

A place only the truly lost can find.